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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Unleashed® Training?

 A: Unleashed® Training was developed to improve your overall health creating a “Stronger Version of You.”

The classes are designed to increase strength, power and agility through functional training. These sessions combine many different formats and are full body workouts utilizing free weights, medicine balls, sandbags, Kettlebells, ropes, push sleds and many bodyweight exercises. The sessions are intense and challenging while accommodating people of all levels of fitness, from the beginner to the seasoned athlete.


Q: How does Unleashed® work? How many times a week should I come to Unleashed®?

 A: Ideally, you get the most benefit by coming in 3 times per week with active days of rest in between. By “active rest days” we mean enjoy some cardio exercise, a hike, a bike ride, walk the etc.

Unleashed’s Training program is designed so that you are never doing the same workout. We change things up, always giving you a full body workout, keeping your muscles guessing, always reaching outside your comfort zone.


Q: What makes Unleashed® different?

 A: The training is exceptional, different and fun! Our goal is to challenge you both mentally and physically, truly finding that “Stronger Version of You.” Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a 9-5’er, a weekend warrior, or a parent/grandparent, Unleashed will have you feeling mentally and physically empowered, increasing your energy levels in addition to reaching and even exceeding your original goals!


Q: Why Unleashed?

 A: Our workouts include quite a bit of variety that work various parts of the body in a multitude of ways. With an emphasis on core and cardio strength, the program focuses on participants becoming a “Stronger Version of You.” High intensity interval training has been proven in studies to increase longevity rates, increase muscle gain, increase weight loss, and sharpen your mental acuity. For one hour, your mind is fully engaged with your body, living in the moment, training in the moment with “like-minded” individuals, as you pour all of your physical and mental focus towards the task at hand.  Whether your goal is weight loss, reducing use of pharmaceuticals, increasing endurance, etc. you will experience significant positive changes in your body’s appearance and physical capabilities.


Q: What can I expect to experience from each Unleashed® Training Session?

 A: All sessions have elements of strength, cardio, agility, and endurance training, which utilize cross-body movements and all planes of motion. This combination is designed to boost your caloric output. All of our sessions are core based, as everything stems from our center, working your body from the inside out. At the end of each session there is a cool down and stretch, or roll out to help keep you injury free.


Q: Who is Unleashed® geared for?

 A: Everyone! If you have the will to work hard, and the desire for change and improvement and are ready to explore the “Stronger Version of You”, you owe it to yourself to come and give us a try.


Q: I’m significantly overweight by conventional definition; can I survive an Unleashed® Training Session?

 A: Yes, if you have the ambition and will power to work hard to change your life and your body, you can! Our coaches are highly trained and skilled to work with individuals of all levels of fitness.


Q: I’m recently coming off an injury or illness, can I still try Unleashed®?

 A: Yes, of course this a question that you must address first and foremost with your physician, and secondly, with your Unleashed™ Coach. Our coaches can modify exercises as needed during this time for you.


Q: Do I need to be in great shape to do Unleashed®?

 A: No. Leave that to us. You simply need the motivation, and willingness to give your maximum effort to get into better shape.


Q: What do people love about Unleashed®?

 A: The community and camaraderie sets the tone here. There is no hanging around. People are there to work! Unleashed is for training, whether privately, semi-privately, in a small group or large group class, we get down to business. Our instructors keep you engaged in your session for the full hour, from the active warm-up to the dynamic stretch keeping you safe and in proper form. You leave feeling accomplished and good about yourself! That’s what makes Unleashed® so addictive!


Q: Do I need to workout before I start Unleashed®?

 A: No, you do not need to be consistently working out before starting to train at Unleashed. Our trainers can accommodate all levels of fitness with modifications as needed in all but our advanced classes.


Q: Will the workouts make me sore?

 A: Yes. Any time there is intense muscle use, you will experience soreness. That isn’t a bad thing! This is an imperative part of the recovery and strengthening of one’s muscles. It is also an essential part of reaching the next plateau and eventually breaking through to the next level. The level of soreness can be managed by the amount of weight you use, or the level of intensity that you perform at during the class. It can also be managed by proper nutrition.


Q: What if I am intimidated when others watch me exercise?

 A: Unleashed’s training not only strengthens your body, but it strengthens your mind by forcing you to concentrate all of your mental energy on the task at hand, pushing yourself to the max at the task at hand. If anything, those within the class are so pumped that they want to encourage those around them to feel empowered too. The camaraderie is amazing!


Q: What are some changes that Unleashed® participants notice?

 A: Unleashed® participants develop an overall desire to lead a healthier lifestyle! Many people notice a substantial increase in their core strength, increased energy and feel better about themselves overall. Feeling good is addictive! Come explore the “Stronger Version of You” today! First class is always FREE.




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