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Spartan Group Exercise (SGX) is the most unique group exercise program in the world. For the first time in group training history, an individual’s true purpose and motivation is at the forefront of design for a large scale fitness program. SGX is designed to create an exhilarating and community driven group atmosphere of fitness, nutrition, and performance that optimizes individual performance in Spartan Races (or other obstacle course races), as well as daily life.


SGX utilizes a unique, independently developed strategy of periodization that allows specific aspects of training, fitness, and nutrition to be targeted at various times throughout the year, while never sacrificing a shred of the well-rounded physical preparedness you demand each day.


SGX is about changing your mind, body, and life from the inside out. SGX prepares you for life! It is not about curling, running or biking; it is about pushing, pulling, jumping, stretching, breathing and sweating.


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